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There are tons of reasons why many individuals will use a doctor’s note. Some use them to get out of work. Others use them to get out of school. There are some people, mostly girls that will use an excuse form to fake certain real-life events. Mostly they use a printable excuse form to fake being pregnant, just to avoid going to work or school. Why? They want a day off. It’s a simple as that. But you need to be careful when doing that. If you say and do the wrong thing, you could end up getting in trouble.


The great thing about a dr. note is they can be found anywhere online. Just go to a site that offers the free printable kind, then you are good to go. It will save time and effort with going to an office and asking for a printable free doctors  note. Doing this might cause suspicion with the situation. Nobody wants that. This is supposed to be a fun day off. Not a day where you spend the whole time worrying about whether or not you will get caught.

Printable Dr. notes template

Printable Physician’s notes sample template


When going online, find a free, printable template that will give the intended excuse that is needed. Look carefully at all the different types. Don’t just settle on the first one. It needs to be believable. It needs to provide some genuine proof. This way the boss or school principal won’t be skeptical as to what is going on. You clean learn more on this page: /using-a-fake-doctors-note-like-a-king


Find an excuse template that encourages some sort of injury. This is one of the best types of excuse notes a person can find. When there is an injury noted on the form, school officials and the boss will be less likely to question it. If you can add in some information about medication, this will make it even better.

But when doing this, show the proper evidence. It needs to be validated on the form what type of injury and the medication that was used. Remember, it needs to be genuine. If it’s not, no one is going to believe you.

Another great place for doctor’s notes is here.


A doctor’s note is not an impossible feat to pull off. There are people that do it all the time. Remember the amount of time that it’s being done though. Always space things out. If you do it too often and too close together, it’s not going to be as genuine. So space things out. Doing it every so often should do the trick. Never use the same excuse twice. Always mix things up when you use the printed form. Always keep detailed copies of the forms that have been used already. This way you won’t repeat yourself.

If you follow some of these tricks, the excuse form that you hand in should come off without a hitch. It’s also important to make yourself seem believable too, otherwise it’s not going to work. Always hand it in looking and feeling the part. This is an acting job of sorts. It’s important to not be a bad actor or actress. If you can’t be convinced, how can you convince those who need convincing?

Now, to avoid the mistake of falling for a not real doctor’s note, you should learn how to spot the difference. Like in fake money, you should know how the original looks like, it will make it easier to notice fake ones. You can always go here: fakedoctorexcuse.net.


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Using a Fake Doctors Note Like a King

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Utilizing a Fake Doctor’s Note

The almighty fake doctor’s note is much more widespread than you may believe. There are fake doctor’s notes for work, school, and for many other purposes such as airlines requirements.

So What is a Fake Doctor’s Note?

fake excuse doctors noteA fake doctor’s note is an excuse or reason not to attend class, or be at work. A fake doctor’s note can also be used to give somebody clearance to fly on an airline because of certain medical immunization requirements that airlines may have. Many people will opt to obtain a fake doctor’s note instead of seeing a physician because it is much less expensive than seeing a physician and obtaining a real note. Many times people will obtain a fake doctor’s note because it may be inconvenient to see a physician and obtain a note when they have to travel within a few days by airplane.

So how easy is it to obtain fake doctors notes? While I have never used a fake doctor’s note, it is actually very easy to obtain a fake note giving you excuses not to be at work or allowing you to fly without seeing a physician first. There are a multitude of websites that have templates that you can customize for your specific needs. Fake doctors notes should look like a real doctor note and look as if they are from an actual doctor from a real medical office.

The risk of using a pregnancy doctors note and not seeing a doctor is up to you. Many people who have used fake notes will claim that employers and airlines will rarely check to verify if the note is actually authentic or not. You can see many free samples, and download and print over 30 different doctors forms at www.bestfakedoctorsnotes.net one of the many websites that I have found that offer fake doctors notes. This website will charge you money for using their forms, but claim that they will work or you will get your money back. Once again the risk, and any money you spend on a fake doctors note is your responsibility and should be carefully considered.

Errors to Avoid in Fake Doctors Notes

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fake doctors collection of notesMany people have successfully relied on the sick form template without being caught. Nevertheless, there are those who have not been lucky and have been caught pants down by their boss. You can learn the common mistakes that folks have made and get caught to avoid falling in a similar trap. If you have an authentic doctor’s note ostensibly, you can rely on it to get a few days off from work or school.

So not use irrelevant or implausible illness that may raise suspicion if the recipient of the note would investigate further. For your illness to convince the authorities, you have to come up with something that relates to your medical history. By the same token, overly serious symptoms like cancer or pregnancy may cause the employer or school to seek third party opinion on the medical dr. forms. So make sure that its something private, like

The signature vouches heavily for the authenticity of the fake doctor’s note. The signature ought to be ideal in the context of the document. This is similar to a excuse template, if the signature is supposed to be handwritten, it ought to be appended accordingly to cast suspicion away. You might also want to check out our dedicated doctor’s note page here.

Inconsistent and redundant text in the note may cause it to fail on the face of it. The format adopted should be presentable and professional. This means that the details therein ought to have clarity, terseness and written in a formal tone. Fake doctor’s notes available online have technical details and logos that reinforce their originality. Lastly, do not get an overly elegant or conspicuous note that may cast doubts in the mind of the reader. Hand it in with confidence and you’ll be a boss.