I really wouldn’t use a doctors note if I were you!

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You know how they tell you that using one of the doctors notes or excuse slips can get you out of any sort of jam. Well, that is true, but you also need to think about the consequences when doing it too.Sure using a doctors note may seem like a good idea at the time, but how will that sit when others are questioning your motives? I had this friend once who tried to get me to take off from work. He more or less said that it would be a piece of cake. So we went online and tapped into one of those sites that have templates for these excuse forms. He told me that the watermark was the best way to tell that they were authentic. So he downloaded some excuse blanks and printed them out. He told me that he was going to initial his name at the bottom. He fudged the doctor’s name after that. We went into work and he presented the note to our boss. He told me that the boss accepted it, no questions asked. So I thought that it was in the bag.

Another great site for notes is here.

Doctors Notes Printable for EmployerDoctors Notes Printable for Employer


I did the exact same thing and went into work the very next day. The boss looked at me with a questioningly look, as if I didn’t have an excused absence, but still said okay. I spent the rest of the day obsessing over if my boss saw through me or not. I obsessed and obsessed. It finally got to the point where I told me friend I couldn’t do it anymore.


So the next time I had the option to go through with it, I decided against it. My friend went ahead with it and everything was fine. I guess he has more of that manipulative bone in his body, than I do. But this is my point.

Just because your boss is going to agree to you being excused from work, doesn’t mean that he or she is going to buy into the act. Bosses think a lot of things that they just don’t say. And in the end, this whole excuse thing ruined my time away. I couldn’t have any fun, because I spent the whole time worrying. I spent the whole time worrying about the consequences.


So ladies and gentleman, think long and hard before you decide to do this. Think about how it’s going to make you feel. Think about the ramifications down the road. There may not be any right than and there. But down the road, there will be. So think about that, the next time you make the choice to download some template that is online. You might also want to check out our doctor’s note article.


Being true to yourself is more fun, than faking a doctors note.